engine overhaul
In the world of engine overhauls the words “remanufactured”, “repaired”, and “overhauled” are often used; sometimes interchangeably, but often not. In order to avoid this confusion and to accurately describe the process by which an engine is brought to airworthy condition in our shop we have adopted the term “FACTORY NEW LIMIT OVERHAUL”.
what is factory new limit overhaul?
Ref. No. 128 shows that Lycoming determined that the clearance between the cam follower and cam follower roller pin should be .0002″ to .001″ for a new part. Lycoming did, however, allow a part worn up to .002″ to be considered as serviceable. The FACTORY NEW
LIMIT OVERHAULS done at Radial Engines, Ltd. will only use parts with clearances which fall into the “new limits” category; that is, between the “Manufacturing Minimum” and “Manufacturing Maximum” for new parts. Parts whose measurements fall between the “Manufacturers Maximum” for new parts and the “Serviceable Maximum Allowable” figure will not be considered acceptable for our overhauls.
From the Lycoming R680 Overhaul Manual Table of Limits