the radial engine teams
Mark Yost
Shop Foreman
Mark has been with us the longest, coming to Radial Engines, Ltd. in 1989. His primary duty as Shop Foreman is to oversee the Final Assembly area where the overhauled parts come together from the various departments, are given final inspection, then built up as subassemblies, and finally assembled as an engine. Mark's years of experience assembling radial engines and his attention to detail have contributed greatly to making the Radial Engines, Ltd. overhauled engine the highest quality engine available today. Mark lives near our shop in south Logan County, OK with his wife Alix and their two children.
John Port
Chief Inspector
John joined Radial Engines in 1995. John worked in various capacities growing in skill and expertise in all phases of radial engine service and has a well-rounded understanding of the intricacies of the radial engine. John was promoted to Chief Inspector in 2009. His attention to detail has enabled John to excel in his position and has earned him his reputation as a meticulous craftsman and inspector. John lives in Edmond, OK with his wife Mary and their four children.
Caleb Curry
General Manager / CEO
Caleb began working on radial aircraft engines at the tender age of ten, disassembling engines and cleaning parts for $1.00/hr.! During high school and college he worked part time and summers at Radial Engines, Ltd., coming on full time in 1997 as General Manager. Having grown up in the business, Caleb brings a wealth of antique engine experience as well as enthusiasm to see Radial Engines, Ltd. grow and expand its product line. Caleb lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Rebekah and their two daughters.
Steve Curry
Steve founded Radial Engines, Ltd. in 1981 as an outgrowth of his antique aircraft hobby. From a one-man shop in the early 80s, Radial Engines, Ltd. has grown to be the world's largest and most experienced FAA Certified Repair Station overhauling the small radial engines. Steve continues to be very involved in the day-to-day functions of the shop as we are settling into our new facility. Steve lives near the new airport in south Logan County, OK with his wife, Sandy, and daughter, Abby.
Marcos Hernandez
Final Assembly Technician
Marcos has been with us since 1998 and specializes in the assembly of oil pumps, generator drives, and accessory housings. He is also one of our most skilled Final Assembly Technicians and many of the engines overhauled at Radial Engines, Ltd. are a product of his workmanship. Marcos lives in Oklahoma City with his wife.
Stephanie Curry
Administration / Office manager
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Jess Johnson
Senior Cylinder Technician
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Eric Turner
Parts & Purchasing Manager
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Jacob France
Ignition Systems Technician
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Jeremy Williams
Senior Ignition Systems Technician
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Brandon Barker
Senior Machinist
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Erik Hernandez
Engine Teardown Technician
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Miguel Dixon
Paint Specialist
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Brent Yost
Final Assembly Technician
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Josef Johnson
Engine Test Technician
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Octavio Hernadez
Cylinder Technician
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