our field and crew
In the beginning REL was housed first in one, then in another industrial building in Oklahoma City. In 1988 the operation was moved to a Quonset building on fifteen acres in the middle of wheat country on the edge of the ghost town of Navina Oklahoma, a few miles outside of Guthrie. From that time until 2004 the facilities grew as new additions were made to the original building and more mechanics were employed. During this time, REL became the largest FAA Certified Repair Station in the world specializing in the Jacobs, Continental, and Lycoming radial aircraft engines. As the business expanded and new projects were taken on, it became obvious that more space would be needed to continue growing.
Higley Field - New Home for REL
In 2001 we decided to build an airport to meet the growing needs of our customers. As we began planning, it was important to us that our new facilities reflect the era of the Golden Age of Aviation. The 22,000 square foot hangar was designed to be a round top building as was popular in the days leading up to WWII. A fifty-five foot observation tower with an original 1930s Airways rotating beacon was procured, as well as a 1941 Chevy fuel truck and a 1947 Chevy fire truck. In early 2002 a 100'x2600' sod runway was planted, power lines were dropped, and construction began in earnest. By late 2004 the grass had filled in to become a lush runway and the new hangar was ready for use. January of 2005 saw REL moved onto the airport (named Higley Field). GPS coordinates are 35-46-791N, 097-34-163W and the runway is unobstructed on both ends*. We are now equipped to do engine changes on your aircraft, as well as the overhauls for which we are known. Take a photo tour of the facilities by clicking here.

* WARNING: Higley Field is a PRIVATE runway. You must contact Radial Engines, Ltd. to make arrangements for arrival.
our team
Radial Engines, Ltd. has assembled a highly skilled team of fifteen engine craftsmen who have a combined experience of over 150 years in maintaining these engines, and turn out a factory new limit overhauled engine every three days.
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