R755B2 (275 hp) $33,950 exchange $39,950 outright

R755A2 (300 hp) $33,950* exchange $40,950* outright

R755 L4MB (245 hp) $33,950 exchange $39,950 outright

R915 / L6MB (330 hp) $33,950 exchange $39,950 outright

*Add $7,700 for all aluminum case – Add $6,000 is trading in good magnesium case

Each engine is furnished with chrome push rod tubes, ignition loom, governor nose case fitting, and nose case timing plug. The cases and cylinders are finished in PPG Concept paint in your choice of colors (gray cases, black cylinder barrels, and natural aluminum cylinder heads are customary, but other color schemes are available at no extra cost).

All reciprocating parts are balanced to +/- 4 grams (the weight of one sheet of paper towel)

Exchange engines must be overhaulable, but may be of different manufacture (we accept Continental trade ins on Jacobs, Jacobs on Lycomings, Lycomings on Continentals, and so forth)

A paperwork package is supplied with each overhauled engine consisting of a logbook, five Inspection forms showing the condition of every part in the engine, a Break-in Procedure form, Warranty form, engine test run log, and FAA approved maintenance releases (8130-3 form) for the engine and each engine accessory

Each engine is covered by warranty for a period of one year or one hundred hours. A full copy of the warranty may be viewed by clicking here.